The Ultimate Wrist Support.

Wristocat absorbs stress & adapts to your every move. Say goodbye to repetitive stress!   

Wristocat absorbs stress & adapts to your every move. Say goodbye to repetitive stress!   

Wristocat is a new breed of wrist support so evolved, that it moves like a cat through all your clicks, keystrokes, gestures and motions, while providing comfort and support to protect your wrist.

Wristocat’s patented magnetic technology floats your hand to reduce friction and resistance, making it easier, more natural, and less taxing to use your favorite input device.

The result - less fatigue, increased performance, more comfort, and control in perfect harmony with your mouse, keyboard, or touchpad.
Wristocat’s smart design is ready for the future. With powerful magnets at the core, interchangeable support surfaces and performance base options make it possible for you to change Wristocat's personality from comfort to performance.

Whether you click a mouse, tap a keyboard, gesture on a touchpad, or spend time gaming, Wristocat is your “Hands Best Friend.”

It is, indeed, my hand’s best friend! It feels like an extension of my hand as I glide across my keyboard.
— William
I put one on my desk and started using it immediately & love it! The feel is great, and the movement is much more natural!
— Jesus

Wristocat is truly a wonder! My husband who is hemiplegic and has problems with the other arm enjoys it daily. It helps him to rest and has no pain in his arm. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— Marie

Magnetically Attached Interchangeable Supports

Wristocat makes it easy to add variety and the perfect platform for every task. Simply lift off the support and replace with the one you want.  

The Therapy Disc provides periods of warmth and cooling. Five seconds in your microwave provides up to 10 minutes of soft tissue therapy*** Keep one in your freezer for when you need to cool things down. 

Additional support and base options are coming soon. 

I love the thermal disc! This must be the best thing I’ve bought for myself this year.
— Seo-yeoun
I just want to say thanks to the Wristocat team. My wrists feel like they are resting in a cloud of comfort.
— Nolin